Life Drawing Class

I run a life drawing class on Tuesday evenings 7-9pm at MC:3 Creative space in Elgin.

There are still spaces available and three weeks left in the block.untitled



4th Novmeber

This November I have initiated a self portrait a day project…. novMEber.

You can follow my daily portraits on Twitter:


And Facebook:

Ideally I would like others to also produce a self portrait a day in any media and forward it to me to upload on these outlets.

On twitter/ tumblr use #novMEber

Topical Illlustrations

The first is a local topic.  Elgins’ coffee scene was once dominated by Starbucks.  This week a new guy came to town in the shape of Costa, leading locals to now face the dificult choice of where to sip their over priced caff(or decaff-)inated beverages…

Coffee wars, Ink & Digital

The second picture relates to the ongoing discussion regarding fishing quotas…